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Esther's daughter dug up a treasure trove of family documents and photographs, and this was a walk down memory lane for mother & daughter, with me enjoying the stories. Esther is a life long dedicated mah jongg player; came snow or blizzard, she met with her friends for a weekly game or two. The game was a constant through the many changes of her life, the kids, and grandkids. She continues to play.

I chose a palm leaf binding because I wanted her book to resemble a pile of mah jongg tiles on the back, but still have the pages held together. Her prints and my prints are laminated together with Gudy O adhesive from Talas. I suppose they more resemble playing cards then mah jongg tiles, but a similar idea anyhow. The pages are held together with two bone mah jongg tile beads at the ends. And this is a 2008 winning hand in American mah jongg.

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Book opened to show the front.

Book opened to show the back, a winning hand in 2008 American Mah Jongg.