Installations > Grounded, Waterstone Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2017

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Created for a narrow space in the window of Waterstone Gallery, this beaver dam sat under the shadow of a miniature Mt. Hood. The snow & glacier melt of the mountain fed an unseen creek that was slowed by the architecture of the dam. The slowing of the river flow allows the water to seep into the ground, one of the ways that ground water can be restored.

In modern times, ground water has been pumped far more quickly than it has been replenished, much of it going to agriculture. In addition to this dwindling supply, pollution has contaminated some ground water sources, and commercial bottling companies are also fighting to bottle the water for corporate profit. This installation addresses the creation and loss of ground water through a video loop and symbols of commerce and of the natural world.

A 3 minute video that follows Arnold Creek from its source (as springs seeping out of the ground in Loll Wildwood Natural Area in southwest Portland) all the way out to the Pacific Ocean. In between, it joins Tryon Creek, Willamette River, and the Columbia.