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This piece examines the reality of product vs. the medium it is packed in by inverting the relationship between the two. The products we purchase often have limited lifespans — they break down, wear out or we simply move on to the next new thing; they are, in effect, disposable. In mail or online ordering, we have found something that will last generations. With the exception of biodegradable starch foam and paper packing, most packing materials are various forms of plastic that do not biodegrade and recycling is limited. When recycling is available, the materials are recycled into other forms of plastic. In short, these packing materials are the heirlooms that we leave for future generations.

By presenting 20 packing materials in a clamshell box packed in shredded mail-order catalogues, The Medium is the Baggage puts product and packing in their rightful places within this historical context. 

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The opened clamshell with 20 packing materials.

The clamshell in the shipping container, packed in shredded mail order catalogs.