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Memory loss seems a cruel game of chance, both in its chosen victims and in the way that ‘what is lost’ has no rhyme or reason. In this game of chance, the die is a six-sided block of ‘swiss cheese’, the term that is used to describe what happens to the mind of an Alzheimer's patient. Around the game board are those friends and family who are dear to us, but as we go around the game board of loss, they gradually fade to illegibility.

Print Gocco on tulle, wool, cotton, Polyfil, clay
Clay die made by Sara Swink
26" x 26"


The book at "mid-game."

Part of a series of ‘pillow books’ about our tenuous hold on our memories. I chose the pillow form as a metaphor for memories because they cradle our heads (the physical repository of our memories) when we sleep (the time when our memories are formed).

The images are Gocco printed on tulle, a very loose mesh of netting material. When a single printed layer of tulle is viewed, the image is barely visible. But when several layers of the printed tulle are stacked and registered, the image appears. Again, much like ideas that need to be frequently reinforced in order to form a strong memory.