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Sheila is the 4th in a series of books from Relay Replay Press, dedicated to working with the elderly who are suffering at various stages and forms of memory loss.

When I first met Sheila and her son Bill to discuss the book project, Bill was very protective and felt that the Print Gocco, a simple screenprinting press, was beneath her abilities. Sheila had been an artist in her working life – she ran a printmaking studio with a huge etching press, and she exhibited and sold her work professionally. It was only after Bill had seen a few of my Gocco prints that he agreed to have Sheila participate in the project.

And Sheila proved to be the consummate artist. Although she was showing many signs of forgetfulness, she was continuously making sculptures and collages with found objects. Her eyes lit up when we talked about composition and colors, and I decided that presenting her work in a simple stab binding would best showcase her prints. One day when I met with her to work, she had been drawing by drizzling with a bottle of Elmer’s glue; she asked me to look at the beautiful flow, the changes in the quality of the lines, the breaks from lines to drips and back to lines again. Her excitement moved me, and I borrowed this drawing technique to create a font for printing her book.

With one exception (a print based on a photograph of Sheila in her studio), the collection presented in this book are printed and titled by Sheila. I selected a few of these titles that represented my working relationship with her, and those are presented in the 2nd half of the book. 

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book opened to the print Black Snow, the title printed in the font I created specifically for this book.

Book opened to page with Gocco print of Sheila working in her printmaking studio with her assistant.

Front cover.