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Whenever you think things can't possibly get any worse, they always do. Wounds  (below left) was the first of three books created in the wake of the murder by beheading of Nick Berg in Iraq. Although I have no connection with the family, the sometimes insensitive media coverage sent me into further depression. I spent two weeks painting, gouging, scraping, binding and crying. 

Incomprehensible (below right) specifically addresses the media coverage, intentional or not, of the story. 

By the time I made the 3rd book, Nightmare Comes True (bottom), my rage had turned to sadness.

Gouache, gouged and stitched
Rives BFK and Japanese Unryu

2004, NFS

Wounds, book 1, opened.

Incomprehensible, book 2, opened

Nightmare Comes True, book 3, opened.